Proven Sensors for your Motorsport Application

SENSOCON delivers various sensors for use in racecars and –motorcycles and test stands.
The products are designed for the special needs in this market and are used for chassis- and engine applications. Finally we are also providing strain gauging, i.e. for pushrods, based on the customer specifications, including amplifier and calibration.



We provide sensor solutions for measuring:

  1. acceleration (i.e.  track control, pitch, wheel suspension, vibration, test stands)
  2. gyro and yaw
  3. pressure (I.e hydraulics, brakes, oil, test stands)
  4. displacement (i.e. clutch)
  5. load (i.e. bottom contact, pedal brake)

The units are based on technologies like piezo resistive with mechanical damping, MEMS and LVDT.
Our accelerometers can be provided with internal filters according customer specifications, like it is necessary for Formula 1 since the filtering is not allowed to be done in the data logger.
Filters of 5th, 8th or 10th order are available and in our MEMS accelerometers temperature sensors can be additionally installed.


We offer you the service which you can expect as a motorsport team:

  1. support and consulting (day and night accessible to react on your demands)
  2. quick reactions on your demands
  3. after sales: calibration, repairs
  4. quick delivery
  5. last, not least: strain gauging services

Experience, references

Our sales, development and production team has long experience in this market and developed and delivered sensors to most of the FORMULA 1- teams, the DTM and also rally applications.

For further information please give us a call (+49-6326-9654180) or send an email (

Update: 24.02.15